Setting a new standard for Pellet Vent performance, appearance and ease of installation

EXCELPellet Design features:

  • Laser welded stainless steel flue resists corrosion from all agricultural products including corn.
  • Laser welded galvalume steel outer casing. The primary applications for galvalume are automotive and metal building cladding. It is much more corrosion resistant than galvanized and is designed to be painted.
  • Lifetime warranted pure silicone gasket is 100% leak proof eliminating the need for field application of silicone.
  • Smooth clean exterior finish looks like single wall pipe.
  • Very easy to paint in the field.

EXCELPellet is certified as a chimney liner for use on appliances that burn wood, agricultural products and natural gas and is available in 3” & 4” diameters.


Length (PL)

Clean-out Length (PCOL)


Masonry Adapter (PAM)

Type A Chimney Adapter (PAA)

3” - 4” Tapered Increaser (3PIT4; 3PIT4B)

NEW Type A Chimney Reline Adapter (PAX6, PAX7, PAX8)

Tees and elbows

Tees (PT; PTB; 3PT4; 3PT4B)

Clean Out Tee (PCOT)

Elbow (PE45; PE45B; PE90; PE90B)

Clean-out Elbow (PCOE)

NEW Slip Elbow (PE90S, PE90SB)

NEW Tee Cap (PTC, PTC1)


Ceiling Support/Radiation Shield (PSA)

Square Support/Radiation Shield (PSS)

Adjustable Wall Support (PSW)


Adjustable Jet Cap (PCJ)

Horizontal Cap (PCH)

Vertical Rain Cap (PCR)

Rain/Wind Shield (PRCW)

Economy Cap (PCE)

REDESIGNED Traditional Masonry Adapter Cap (PCT)

Chimney Adapter Cap (PCA)

Flex adapters

NEW Female Flex Adapter (PAF, 3PAF4, PAF5, PAF55, PAF6)

Flex Adapter Tee (PATF)

Wall thimbles

REDESIGNED Insulated Wall Thimble (PWT)

Wall Thimble Extension (PWTE)

Wall Thimble with Outside Air Channel (PWTOC)

Wall Thimble with Integrated Outside Air (PWTOI)


Flashing (PF; PFA ;PFB)

Storm Collar (PSC)

Metal Roof Flashing Adapter (MFA)

NEW Hose Clamp Bracket (HC)

Stove adapter

3” to 4” Stove Adapter Tee (3PAT3; 3PAT3B; 3PAT4; 3PAT4B)

Stove Adapter (PAS)

Tapered Stove Adapter (3PI4)

Quick Disconnect Stove Adapter (PAQ)

Harman Stove Adapter (PASH)

NEW Harman Style Gaskets (HG)