Model RIS is a type "A" factory-built chimney suitable for venting negative or neutral draft (non-pressurized) appliances including boilers, building heating equipment, fireplaces and stoves. RIS has been designed, tested, and listed to vent large wood burning fireplaces and to extend masonry chimneys.

Model RIS insulated stainless steel chimney

Model RIS insulated stainless steel chimney is suitable for use on appliances that burn wood, oil, coal, natural gas and charcoal and is available in 10” through 24” diameters.


Length (RIL)

Adjustable Length (RILA)

Locking Band (RSLB; RGLB)


Roof Brace (RRB)

Chimney Top Damper (RCTD)

Tees and elbows

Insulated Tee (RIT)

Elbow (RIE15; RIE30; RIE45)


Wall Band (RWB)

Wall support (RWS)

Anchor Plate (RAP)

Anchor Plate Damper (RAPD; RAPD2)

Roof Support (RSR)

Offset Support (ROS)


Rain Cap (RRC)


Roof Flashing (RF; RFA; RFB)

Metal Roof Flashings (RMFA; RMFB; RMFC)


Radiation Shield (RRS)