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Design Considerations

EXCELiner is a fast, cost effective solution to the following chimney situations:

To repair cracked or damaged clay tile liners. EXCELiner is designed and approved to replace clay tile liners which have become cracked from age, misuse, or chimney fires. EXCELiner can be used to reline structurally sound masonry chimneys where the liners have deteriorated due to chimney fires, spalled tales, moisture damage or eroded mortar joints.

To improve the safety, performance and efficiency of wood or gas burning stoves and fireplace inserts. By reducing the chimney to the correct size for the appliance EXCELiner improves draft, reduces fuel consumption, and helps insure consistent operation. There is less creosote formation in a properly sized flue which decreases the probability of a chimney fire.

EXCELiner is listed to UL and ULC standards by Intertek Testing Services to be used as stainless steel liner in a new chimney, instead of a clay tile liner. Unlike clay tile liners, EXCELiner can withstand chimney fires without damage and comes with a lifetime warranty.

EXCELiner is easier to clean

EXCELiner’s smooth surface accumulates less creosote than a flexible liner and is much easier to clean.

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